Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fitness for Every Bride

A staggering 80% of brides want to get in shape or lose weight for their wedding day.  And chances are, if you are reading this, you are one of them!  Give yourself 3-6 months to reach your fitness goals…this is the day you’ve been planning for your entire life!
There are many different approaches you can take to get into shape and get arms Jennifer Anniston would envy….which one is right for you? 
If you are……
The “Social Bride” (you know who you are….you drag your entire bridal party to every dress fitting, have had more showers than you can count and can’t help updating your facebook page with every detail about your wedding). Bridal Boot Camp is for you!!  What could be better than working out with your bridal party (all 8 of them!)?   A good fitness boot camp consists of strength and cardio and flexibility exercises.  Many Bridal Boot Camps even offer a discount for the bride!  What could be better?
“The Romantic Bride” (you can’t imagine doing anything without the love of your life).  Workout with your fiance!  Many trainers are willing to workout couples.  You can also train for an event (10k, triathlon, etc.) that will take place right before or after your wedding.  What’s more romantic than accomplishing something difficult with your sweetie?
“The Independent Bride” (you are motivated and goal oriented and don’t need someone else to help you get there).  A little education goes a long way for you.  Eat healthy, exercise and meet the goals you have posted on the fridge!
“The Peaceful Bride” (nothing bothers you.  Not even creating the perfect seating chart).  Yoga is for you.  With a studio on every corner and classes in every gym, it will be easy to find the perfect fit for you.  Add weights and cardio a couple times a week for a toned, lean look. 
“The Bridezilla” (no explanation needed…you have a TV show named after you!).  Hire a personal trainer that will keep you in line and hold you accountable…former drill sergeant?

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